Power up your DMS by Integrating Karmak with Salesforce

BlackIron has been a Salesforce partner for the last 15 years (long time I know), but this year, we also joined the Partnership ranks at Karmak. Karmak is a Dealer Management System (DMS) for Trucking Dealerships and BIG has developed an integration between Karmak and Salesforce using their new Unity API. This Video shows you the power

Create, Track and Capture Time Entry for Projects using Salesforce

Hot off the presses! This Video, created by BlackIron Group shows you how you can automatically create, track and ultimately record time against Projects – using Salesforce. After you have won a deal, there is still work to be done – onboarding, installation, implementation or provisioning all require multiple milestones to be completed. And, if you charge

salesforce base quoting explained…

Salesforce is a Great tool, but there are many “hidden” features that you may not know you have!  Check out this video that explains how salesforce can help you: Build a Quote in salesforceSend that Quote to your customer directly out of SalesforceSync that quote with Quickbooks automatically! Watch this quick video on how to do quotes

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