Growing Telecommunications Company Chooses BlackIron to Manage Sales Cloud Refinement

Granite Telecommunications is a leading communications services provider to multiple location businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.  They provide one-stop solutions for voice, data, broadband Internet, wireless, managed services and secure network options.  Imagine receiving one invoice from one supplier that encompasses all of your communications services….that is exactly what Granite provides to their customers. Time savings, cost savings, and good service…what company doesn’t

Salesforce & Microsoft Launch Lightning for Outlook

With any CRM, a tight integration with your email client is a must. And for many Salesforce users, the Outlook integration has come a long way, but still lacks on many fronts. We certainly started to see a shift from Outlook to Gmail over the past few years as we’ve taken on new clients.  That said, many companies are still

BlackIron Manages Software Company’s Successful Migration to Salesforce Service Cloud

PayDC is a leader in cloud-based Chiropractic software, offering fully-integrated software modules to the Chiropractic industry since 2007. A team of fellow chiropractors, billing & coding professionals, and insurance auditors, carefully developed each of their modules to ensure a user-friendly experience, reduced administrative time and improved compliance and profitability. Being cloud-based, all of their solutions are continuously

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System Refinement

Identify areas and functionalities not being utilized within the® solution you already own – optimize to acieve success and increase efficiency and ROI.

Professional Services Automation

Deliver all your business applications in a single environment – one data model, sharing model, user interface – a Wall 2 Wall Services Cloud tool downloadable from®.

Extension on Demand® is constantly evolving, with significant functional changes released each year – keep up with the constant changes and new applications easily and efficiently.

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