Artificial Intelligence and the “Year of Einstein”

I’m not a fan of “the street”, but I did see this article in a crawl somewhere, and shamelessly took the click bait. What I read in the article was interesting though.  When Salesforce bought Einstein – or the engine that became Einstein last year for 4600M, I saw the potential, but didn’t see the immediate applicability. 

Salesforce Service Cloud – Web to Case vs Email to Case

Two features that come standard with the Salesforce Service Cloud are Web to Case and Email to Case.  We frequently get asked what the the differences between these features are,  so we thought why not break it down here for you. Web to Case The Web to Case feature allows you to capture case information in a form

Happy 18th Birthday, a Study of Salesforce as a Company and Culture

HBD Salesforce, I read this great article about the culture of salesforce, and the way the company came to be… One of the forgotten things (I think) about Salesforce is that it started in 1999, back in the original “.com craze” (toysmart or anyone?) Salesforce started in an Apartment in San Fran with Benioff and a

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