Project Management Needs
  • Most Job Shop Prospects have an implementation component to the sales process.  This can be handled by in house PM’s or by outside Partners or contractors.  
  • The complexity of a project can vary from a simple tracking mechanism (Shipped, installed, configured, complete) to a multiple level project with several milestones and tasks.  Digging into this complexity will determine the scope of the Project Piece and as a result to overarching costs
How Can we Help?
  • We can build out a Custom Project function, or add one of the free tools (Milestones PM).  If the project needs are really complex, then we may want consider moving towards a Task Ray implementation, although that adds time and cost.  At the very least, getting Project users on board should add users to the license count
Questions to Ask
  • How do you manage post implementation installation?
  • What are Steps involved in Installing or configuring your product?
  • Do you track those steps in any organized way currently (Spreadsheets, Smart Sheets, Tasks lists in Outlook, etc.)
  • Who maintains the list? Project Managers? The individual resources on the project?
  • Do you Bill for the time required to install the tool?
  • If so, how do you track billable time?
  • If not, do you track your resources’ billable time?