Marketing Automation Needs
  • Marketing for these kind of customers is more face to face and person to person that digital.  That said, they are probably delivering or would like to deliver educational information about their products to customers.  Getting a prospect to self-identify in order to download a White Paper would give our Prospect a leg up in turning the prospect into a Customer
  • When a Lead Self Identifies, we can use the Pardot connection to send that to Salesforce, assign the lead to a Rep and have them qualify the lead.  We can also build Drip campaigns for leads who self-identify – sending them periodic updates or white papers, or whatever the Prospect can come up with.  NOTE –the Prospect will need to be in a position to create this content.  We won’t be able to do this for them, but if the Content is available, we can help deliver that content to the leads
Questions to Ask
  • How do you identify new Leads?  How do you engage with them?
  • Do you engage in Digital Marketing with your customers or Leads?  If not, is this a priority for this year?
  • Do you provide technical content on your product (White Papers etc.)
  • How does a prospect “earn” the right to see those?
  • Do you go to Trade Shows? How do you engage at the shows?
  • Do you email your existing customers with updates to your products? How (Mail Chimp, etc.)