Partner Management Needs
  • Many Med Device Manufacturers utilize a vast Partner Channel to help sell and implement their products.
  • In these instances, Partners often Submit a “Deal Request” or a Deal Registration – asking to sell to a specific client.
  • Some channels are managed geographically, while others are more shark tank in the approach, but in all cases, partner deals are tightly managed
How can we Help?
  • Partner Community can change the way Med Device Manufacturers engage and manage partners
  • Using Community we can expose a Deal Registration form to the Partners and using workflow, alert Partner Managers to new deals
  • We can also expose CPQ Quotes or base quotes to the Partner – effectively enabling them to build quotes in a self serve environment. Approvals are typically needed for these environments
  • Finally, if the partners service the equipment as well, we can expose FSL Work Orders and Service Appointments to the partner, and keep track of the status of those events in the field
Questions to Ask
  • Do you work with Channel Partners?
  • What are those partners responsible for?
  • Sales?
  • Service? Both?
  • How do Partners bring deals to you?
  • Do you have to approve those deals?
  • Do you build quotes for the partners?
  • Can multiple partners quote the same deal? (we need a “Project” object above Opps in this case)
  • Do your partners work in the field for service?
  • How do they communicate with your team currently?
  • When a quote is won, how does Partner “order” the product?
  • How do you communicate status of the order to the partner?