Account Management Needs
  • Med Device Manufacturers are builders of highly configurable products. 
  • These products can take days or even weeks to configure
  • Each Product is typically Made to Order (MTO) or Made to Stock (MTS) – no meaningful quantity of Warehoused Goods
  • They typically engage their clients in long, involved sales cycles and will use Opportunities to manage these sales cycles and interactions. 
  • Our Prospect’s Account Reps are on site with their clients often, but will also spend some time in the office. 
  • Road trips need to be productive so using Maps can help. 

How can we Help?
  • Using Maps to help Account Reps to find new business while on the road can be a game changer.  Seeing early stage Opportunities nearby, qualified leads, or other records could give the Rep a more quality road trip.
  • Mobile experience will be important – especially for Account Management and Opportunity updates
  • This sales cycle will feel very familiar to you as a Rep.  And in these kinds of sales cycles, there are a ton of next steps that happen after a visit.
  • Using base activity management and mobile experience, we can record trip outcomes, record next steps, and track basic expenses like mileage or meals.  For Prospects in our space, we shouldn’t get to technical in the beginning (Concur) so keep it simple.
  • Opportunity Management will be a key component to Med Device Manufacturers.  These are long and complex Sales Cycles – often requiring multiple engineering drawings, configuration capture and Implementation plans.

Questions to Ask
  • Are you doing ANY CRM activities?  (Tracking Calls, etc.)  If so, how?  (CRM, Spreadsheet, Outlook). 
  • How do you decide when (and who) to Visit?  Is there any data analysis when trips are scheduled?
  • How do you report meeting outcomes?  How do you communicate next steps?
  • Do you need other resources to help?  (Event coordinators, category managers, etc.)
  • How do you analyze Sales data?  (ERP, Spreadsheets, PDF Reports, etc.)
  • How much of your business is New Clients vs Existing Clients
  • What is your ERP System?