Data Analysis Needs
  • Data analysis from ERP is not always a pressing needs with Med Device Manufacturers
  • However, some of Med Device Prospects will also sell the materials that are used in the machine and in that case, ERP Integration can be important. 
  • We can solve for this by bringing that data into Salesforce and using basic reports and dashboards as a start.                                                  
  • Writing BACK to ERP could be a huge advantage.  If we can send Quote details back to ERP to create the Sales Order, that could dramatically reduce the data entry requirements for the client.                               
  • If the system is a newer ERP (Microsoft GP, SAP, NetSuite, etc.) we can use the system API to send Sales Orders TO ERP.
How Can we Help?
  • With Health Cloud, we could integrate to their ERP and pick up critical Sales and if necessary, inventory information.
  • Mulesoft is a possibility, but the pricing typically removes the tool as a possibility.  We can and have used Middle ware to do the integration, BUT, in our opinion, we are better served writing APEX code to do the integration.  We believe that we can do most integrations for between $12K and $15K one time (not counting the rest of the project).  Middleware such as Jitterbit or Informatica can START at $20,000 a year.
  • And by using this information in Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, we could deliver this analysis to the Account Reps’ pocket.  They can use this information to analyze sales by Product, by time (This Year/Last Year), by category – really anything we can get from ERP. 
  • And if their ERP has an API, we can write Quotes BACK to ERP – saving countless re-keying hours and errors.
Questions to Ask
  • What is your ERP System? Is it the same as your Accounting System?
  • What other systems/solutions do you have in place? – i.e. BI tools, Project Management, Home Grown Applications?
  • How do you analyze Sales data?  (ERP, Spreadsheets, PDF Reports, etc
  • What kind of data do you need on the road?  Is the data in ERP?  Outlook?  Spreadsheets?