Opp Management/Quote Prep Needs
  • Quoting and Opportunity Management can be a huge advantage to clients like this.  Most of our Medical Device Prospects build highly configurable quotes for customers, highlighting custom builds for products, product options and service items such as Maintenance or Implementation.
  • If the prospects do quoting in a spreadsheet, we want a copy of that.  CPQ is almost always a fit for these customers, but we will need to understand how complex the quoting function is.  Key to scoping (and pricing) these kind of CPQ projects are: –
    • Bundles – how many configurable products are there?  And how different are they?
    • Documents – does the prospect have different documents they deliver in the Sales Process?  Quote?  Proposal?  Maintenance Agreements?  Understanding the volume and complexity of these documents can be key.
  • In addition, customers may want to see multiple versions of a quote before deciding which way to go.  CPQ gives us the ability to manage this
Questions to Ask
  • How do you track, Manage and move Sales Opportunities forward?
  • How much of your business is New Clients vs Existing Clients
  • How do you quote new products for existing customers?  What is the process?  Who is Involved from your side?
  • Do you sell both Equipment AND consumables related to that Equipment?
  • If so, how are each of the Sales Processes Managed?
  • How do you quote new products for Leads?  What is the process?  Who is Involved from your side?
  • What is your ERP System?
  • How is your product configured?  Do you identify optional products or configurations independently?
  • Do Optional products or configurations change the price of a product?
  • How do you collaborate within the company?  (Quip, Chatter, etc.)