Med Device Manufacturing Playbook

Koru is an example of a Medical Device Manufacturer. KORU is, first and foremost, a patient-oriented company that goes the extra mile for customers and the patients who depend on their devices. KORU Medical Systems’ primary products include Syringe drivers and Flow Rate tubing. Their systems are portable, so there is no implementation required, but ongoing sales of Safety needle sets represents a large portion of their business. Koru works directly with many Hospitals and Medical Centers. They also work with serveral Channel Partners who represent roughly 60% of the sales volume.

  • Medical Device Manufacturers are builders of highly configurable products.  These products can and usually do take days or even weeks to configure for a specific customer.  Each Product is typically Made to Order (MTO) meaning that when a quote is accepted, those specific instruments or machines are made specifically for them
  •  These prospects engage their clients in long, involved sales cycles – similar to High Tech cycles, and will use Opportunities to manage these sales cycles and interactions.
  • Our Prospect’s Account Reps will strive to be on site with their clients often, but will also spend some time in the office.  Who to visit (and how often) is mostly driven by Opportunities, but road trips need to be productive so using Maps can help (see below). 
  • The decision about how to visit can be built on pending Opportunities, total sales volume and client support issues  
  • Our Prospect’s Account Managers are typically responsible for new Lead Generation but likely have a Marketing Team around them who are driving potential leads to their Website and engaging with them with White Papers and other content.  These are complex machines, and so education is likely the first step in the sales cycle, even if that happens without the rep.  That said, visiting qualified leads will be an important step in the process, it’s just that the qualification is likely the creation of an Opportunity

Understanding the Need

We think these are the main areas of business where Med Device Manufacturers struggle and where Salesforce can be of greatest immediate value. Key to this sector is Account Management, Quote Prep & usually Service. If your Prospect has a Partner channel, Community Cloud could also fit in the mix

In the links below we cover typical issues and ”How We Can Help” – the Questions you need to ask – and the Answers you need to figure out the best mix of products.

Useful Tools for the Med Device Manufacturing Sales Cycle

Share this video with your Med Device Prospects!!

This link will take you to our YouTube Channel and a link to a quick Video Demonstration of Salesforce for Med Device. Feel free to share this with your prospects as it gives a quick into and a good visual representation of what Salesforce can look like in a Med Device Environment

Use these slides for use in Initial Scoping Sessions

This link will take you to a set of Slides that you can use in your discovery sessions. In it, you will find a page of our Med Device Logos, a custom “Circles” chart that shows the general clouds with graphics, and a Product Matrix, showing Clouds and general applicability. Finally, we built a series of Scoping questions, for use in initial calls.

And Print this PDF of HLS Med Device Playbook

Finally, this link will take you to a PDF of the HLS Med Device Management Playbook you can use as a Desk Reference. This details out in text everything we tried to detail in these links and videos for Med Device Prospects.

Customer Successes in Job Shop Manufacturing

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