Marketing Automation Needs

  • PRM Prospects market to both leads and existing customers.  For leads, our prospects could put leads created in the system on drip campaigns in either Pardot or Marketing Cloud and work to educate leads.
  • For existing customers, communication regarding successes are critical to customer growth. Sending alerts and studies or testimonials about new products via Pardot or Marketing Cloud can give these prospects a critical early advantage.
  • In many cases, these kinds of PRM customers have relationships with their patients as well.  Social Studio can be a GREAT way to manage these relationships, however, in order for that to work, they will need to have their patients’ data available to manage those interactions, and of course, this runs up against HIPAA laws.    NOTE –the Prospect will need to be in a position to create this content.  We won’t be able to do this for them, but if the Content is available, we can help deliver that content to the leads.