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Get More from the Tool you Already Own

You already own the first, biggest and best On Demand Software tool in the world,®.  And as you know,® is a constantly evolving product, with significant functional changes being released each year.

In fact, with the recent release, it is clear that® has now become so much more than simply a supplier of CRM applications as a service. Indeed, the company is now positioned as an information management software solution, and in many respects this is a fair description.

Keeping up with® now involves a significant investment in time and research.  It’s has become a full time job in itself.

But we realize that you have a real job and it’s not to keep up with these changes in®. That’s our full time job, and we stand ready to deliver.

Announcing Extension On Demand, The BlackIron Group’s new Remote Administration and Support Offering

  • Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of hands to keep up with the constant changes and new applications available to you through Salesforce® and the AppExchange? Someone to call when issues arise, reports need to be defined, applications need to be extended or people need to be trained?Your BlackIron Project Manager, the person responsible for your project, who configured Salesforce®, did the data migration and helped you to create and refine your reporting strategy is now available to you – each and every month – to help you make the most of® and help you and your company  be more productive and efficient.
  • BlackIron’s job is to stay abreast of changes to®, and understand how those changes can best be used to improve your business. As a Certified Integration partner, we are attend training classes on the base system, AppExchange and new releases of the software each year.  And we can bring that knowledge to your company each month.The year round classes we attend in order to keep current with the® tool are invaluable resources that we can bring to bear for your company.  And, with over one hundred implementations and counting, we bring a wide variety of experiences and solutions to the table each time we work for you.
  • Want to build calculations to define Gross Margin? We can help. Interested in building a console? We’re there for you. We can help you build this year/last year analysis, upload and configure a fully functional quoting system, add contract management, refine mash up dashboards, implement a trip mapping solution or simply answer complicated questions from your user base.

Extension on Demand

BlackIron now offers Extension on Demand. You’ll you have all of BlackIron’s expertise available to you any time, giving you the comfort of knowing that the person who was there from the start and knows all about your firm is no further away than a phone call.

With Extension on Demand from The BlackIron Group you prepay for a preset number of hours of support per month at a discounted rate. BlackIron offers three packages to select from.

All three packages are offered in six month increments.

Silver Package

  • This 10-hour block of time can be used for remote configuration, Salesforce training or support assistance per month any time within a six-month period. Our discounted price for this package is $1,699

Gold Package

  • This 15-hour block of time can be used for remote configuration, Salesforce training or support assistance per month any time within a six-month period. Our discounted price for this package is $2,499.

Platinum Package

  • This 20-hour block of time can be used for remote configuration, Salesforce training or support assistance per month any time within a six-month period. Our discounted price for this package is $3,199.

Black Iron Group is a® Certified Integration Partner

With over 1,200 successful implementations and counting. We can help your company be successful, as well.

Black Iron Group is a boutique management consulting firm dedicated to the Retail & CRM sectors.

With deep business and technology knowledge, we deliver superior design and implementation of strategy, technology, and process solutions.

Black Iron Group brings our clients a variety of initiatives and innovations that ultimately

help drive revenue and cost savings, deliver bottom line results and enable our clients

to move to a higher level of performance.

Our services are flexible. Our services are Reliable. Our firm has been a® partner for over 12 years – we were with salesforce before salesforce was cool!!! We can help with sophisticated, multi level complex projects, or small–scale simplified installs, as well. We can be your “On Demand” services partner, similar to the way® delivers your state–of–the–art CRM solution.


We know that BlackIron can help you quickly and affordably begin to discover all the benefits of a® implementation. To receive a data-conversion cost and timing estimate, please contact a BlackIron Group sales representative by calling 203.750.0645. or e-mail us at

Training Assistance, Implementation Services, and Technical Solutions for the CRM sector.

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