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Data is one of the most valuable and significant assets of any company. Businesses depend on their data for their day-to-day operations and to help set their future strategic directions.

When companies implement new technology applications, the transformation and modification of data, as well as the influx of external data from outside sources or other legacy applications, creates challenges related to data quality and rapid assimilation of data. The need to integrate with legacy applications could be as basic as connecting to a simple Access database or it could involve bi-directional integration amongst multiple large-scale legacy applications such as SAP, Microsoft, etc.

One of the most difficult parts of building any CRM System is the process of extracting, transforming, cleansing, and loading this data from the source system and integrating it seamlessly with your salesforce solution. Performing transformation of that data in real-time introduces additional challenges.

Typically, this process is a roundabout, confusing, expensive and laborious exercise. Specifications are not accurate, programmers don’t clearly understand the business issues, and programs can be buggy and ineffective. The end result is the overall user base becomes frustrated and begins to lack confidence in the team and even the CRM solution.

At BlackIron, we are convinced that this kind of work doesn’t have to be painful, costly and of low value. We think it can be streamlined and focused on your business.

Link your Enterprise systems to salesforce

Experienced Data Experts – with a “been there, done that” resume and over 50 combined years of data expertise.

Committed Resources – dedicated to providing the care and attention your project deserves

Proven Quality – We have a growing list of clients who are thrilled with our work and happy with the results.

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Our Data Integration services enable businesses to maximize the potential of their existing data and manage rapid assimilation and integration of data. Our integrated stack of services include the use of the salesforce’s API’s, sophisticated custom ETL tools, programming resources and an extensive QA process designed to eliminate the need for our customers to invest on these expensive initiatives.

Black Iron helps companies to rapidly integrate data into their existing systems from multiple sources such as Web Services, XML, HL7, EDI, Message oriented middleware or even flat file data sources. We deliver a high quality implementation utilizing our integrated technology framework created out of our deep experience in the areas of data integration and enterprise data quality.

Concerned about how to integrate salesforce with large complex legacy applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, Epicor, or internal homegrown systems?  BlackIron has hundreds of man- years of experience in implementing to these large complex legacy environments.

Black Iron Group is a Salesforce Certified Integration Partner

and with over 2,000 successful implementations and counting. We can help your company be successful, as well.

Black Iron Group is a boutique management consulting firm dedicated to the world’s best CRM – salesforce.

With deep business and technology knowledge, we deliver superior design and implementation of strategy, technology, and process solutions.

Black Iron Group brings our clients a variety of initiatives and innovations that ultimately help drive revenue and cost savings, deliver bottom line results and enable our clients to move to a higher level of performance.

Our services are flexible. Our firm has spent over 70 years collectively in the IT sector and we understand CRM like no one else. We can help with sophisticated, multi level complex projects, or small–scale simplified installs, as well.


We know that BlackIron can help you quickly and affordably begin to discover all the benefits of a salesforce implementation. To receive a data-conversion cost and timing estimate, please contact a BlackIron Group sales representative by calling 203.604.6765. or Contact us here

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