The BlackIron Group can help you quickly and affordably begin to discover all the benefits of a salesforce implementation. We have years of experience helping clients implement, refine and enhance their salesforce deployments.  Our offerings include but are not limited to:

Salesforce for Health Care

Healthcare is an incredibly complex business sector. And like manufacturing, there are many types of Healthcare companies – Providers, Payers, and Medical Devices companies all approaching CRM differently. BlackIron can help your business grow and flourish using Salesforce’s HealthCloud, along with our experience in helping clients like you to achieve CRM success.

Salesforce for Trucking Dealerships

We can help you combine your DMS Data into Salesforce for a powerful combination of data driven analysis and powerful CRM Features – anytime – anywhere.

System Integration

Streamline the process of extracting, transforming, cleansing and loading data from a source system and integrate it seamlessly with your® solution to help build your CRM System.

Quickbooks Integration with Salesforce

Quickbooks and Salesforce together can harness the data generated from each system, integrated with the other to give you 360° view of your customers.  Our Partner, DBSync can help you to quickly share data between the 2 systems – seamlessly and elegantly.

Salesforce for Professional Services

Deliver all your business applications in a single environment – one data model, sharing model, user interface – a Wall 2 Wall Services Cloud tool downloadable from®.

Jump-start Services

Are you looking to just get started with Sales Cloud? We can help! Get a jump-start on your path to CRM success. See an immediate Return on Investment on your salesforce licenses. Jumpstarts allow us to help you with basic CRM processes, and limited data migration – and we have 3 options to choose from!

System Refinement

Identify areas and functionalities not being utilized within the® solution you already own – optimize to acieve success and increase efficiency and ROI.

Extension on Demand® is constantly evolving, with significant functional changes released each year – keep up with the constant changes and new applications easily and efficiently.