With BlackIron Group and Salesforce, Massanois uses SAP Data to understand customer demand, and inventory – to delight their customers with the finest wines in the world


BlackIron Group has been a trusted partner for Massanois for over a decade.  We have grown on the Salesforce platform, and BlackIron Group has helped us each step of the way.  Their understanding of the technical aspects of the Salesforce Platform has in turn helped us to access complex ERP data and present it in easy to consume visually appealing dashboards.  This data has helped Massanois to consistently deliver on our customer’s needs, and exceed their expectations.”  Dewayne Martin, Managing Partner


How We helped Massanois

Founded in 2008, Massanois curates and represents a portfolio of quality-driven family owned wineries.  Their mission is to provide quality, well-priced wines from around the world to distribute to quality restaurants, retailers and distributors. Their team strives to tell the unique story of each winery and wine, connecting customers with great wines.

Massanois’ business has expanded – growing from a small importer and distributor to a national presence, importing wines from all over the worlds, and distributing to New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and California.

Management can quickly access vital Sales and Inventory information from across the product mix, using Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

The wine business moves quickly, and once a specific vintage is sold out, it is gone for good.  So understanding real time sales and inventory information is Vital to the Sales team, who uses the data to manage pricing, promotions and product features.

BlackIron Group helps Massanois harness that data.  Our team built a sophisticated integration to their ERP, SAP, and bring in product data, Sales Data, Invoice Data, Pricing data and even On Hand and On Order Inventory.

But bringing this data into Salesforce was only the first step.  Once the data is present, Massanois users must be able to make sense of it.  Our team helped by building out targeted reports and Dashboards that are available to the team, and refreshed hourly.

This in turn has helped Massanois to buy wines that delight their customers, and deliver that wine to the customer at the right time.

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Using customer relationship management (CRM) in the manufacturing sector requires a system that meets your unique business needs. We can help your team find success on the Salesforce Cloud.
Why you need salesforce
Regular communication with your customers lets them know how much you value them and their business. Show them that you care by offering valuable information such as tips on how to use your products and services more effectively, event announcements, information on upcoming new products and expanded services, and special discounts on existing ones.

Sales representatives can quickly create and manage quotes for partners and customers. Call center agents can seamlessly handle the highly technical support process across multiple channels.

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BlackIron helped Massanois pair the right Product with the right Client with SAP Integration