With salesforce.com, you gain state-of-the-art capabilities for managing all interactions with suppliers, distributors, jobbers, partners, and customers, including:

Marketing Automation

As the leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), salesforce.com understands the importance of integrated sales and marketing. Our closed-loop marketing automation application, Salesforce Marketing, empowers you to manage multi-channel campaigns and provide up-to-date messaging to sales. Lead hand-off is automated to ensure that no opportunity is missed. Real-time analytics and reporting give marketers the tools to evaluate results and adjust campaigns to maximize them.

Customer Engagement Support

Perform sales planning & forecasting to improve success rates. Develop accurate segmentation strategies for targeted sales initiatives. Improve opportunity management capabilities. Using the salesforce.com AppExchange, gather market data from OneSource or Hoovers to support product, pricing, and promotional decisions. Use advanced analytical tools to measure, predict, and optimize customer behavior.

Business Transaction Support

CRM technology doesn’t exist in a vacuum. To be truly effective, it has to fit into your company’s architecture and integrate with your other systems. That’s why salesforce.com’s AppExchange platform is built on the latest standards in Web services integration — so that implementing CRM in your organization is faster, easier, and more cost effective than with any other CRM application. With AppExchange, you can provide a consistent view of customer information at every point of contact. Perform contract reviews, pricing negotiations, credit limit checks, and order taking using the latest data. Handle orders more accurately through real-time processing and availability to promise (ATP) checks. Improve responsiveness to key accounts through the use of handheld devices.

Customer Service Support

Enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your customer interaction center. Provide a portal where product information and customer requests can be initiated 24 hours a day. Resolve claims and complaints quickly and efficiently. Provide a closed-loop process for gathering customer feedback, to continually improve business practices.

Our Services Are Flexible

We will work with you to define the level of effort your project requires and we will work within your budget and timeframes. Services include:

Full Scale Implementation Services – Planning and implementing salesforce.com can be a confusing and complicated task. Our experts provide the strategic guidance and hands-on expertise you need to make your CRM initiative a success. Regardless of whether you’re creating your first CRM system, replacing an existing system, or customizing your existing Salesforce.com solution, we can help you navigate the waters and be successful.

Jump Start Service – This allows you to be up and running on SFDC quickly. We focus on: Helping you configure the application – a brief Business Process Review followed by configuration of the application. This can be done online or on site.

Integration Services – We understand the increasing importance of integrating your business processes across all your applications. Salesforce.com’s CRM applications are tightly integrated. Our integration services experts can help you integrate our applications with your back- and front-office enterprise applications, allowing easy sharing and maintenance of critical customer information.