A Conversation with Paul King of Jadco regarding the “why” of ERP Integration

Happy Friday!  I wanted to share a video of my conversation with Paul King of Jadco.  Jadco is a manufacturer of abrasion resistant materials used in mining, power generation and other high stress sectors. We helped Jadco to integrate their ERP system, JOB BOSS with Salesforce, and I wanted to talk with Paul about WHY integration was important to Jadco, as opposed to how we could do it.  The results are illuminating to say the least…


We start the conversation talking about the approach we took and then dive right into the why.  Paul talks about the lack of data flexibility in typical ERP’s.  

Then, we talk about data visualization, and how, with salesforce, we can build graphical representations of ERP data, which makes it easier for Road Warrior Sales Reps to digest in the car, or on a plane.

Finally, we talk about data modelling – how Jadco combined some data (Sales Orders and Jobs) and separated other data (Quotes, so that things like total revenue, win rate, estimator load and other KPI’s could be analyzed.

I have to say, I was impressed – and I worked on the project with Paul!  The insights they get out of their ERP data, by bringing it into salesforce has redefined Jadco’s analytical capabilities and best practices.  Like Paul said, “Let ERP be ERP”, and let Salesforce drive the data driven decisions to help you business…

Check it out below- I think it is WELL worth a listen.

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