A rumor I really hope isn’t true…

So, I was poking around today, and noticed the SFDC the stock is waaaayyy up (about 12%). Turns out there are rumors out there the SF is on the block – or at least a target of an acquisition. There are only a few people who could afford it – the usual suspects, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, so in my mind, this is bad news any way you cut it. Salesforce.com acts like a start up in many ways, even though it’s a $6B business. One thing I’ve never heard anyone say is that Oracle (or SAP or Microsoft for that matter) behaves like a startup! What would happen to R&D? How would sales be handled going forward? And just in general, who would Marc Benioff poke if he joined one of the bigs?

Ugh! Full story here…

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