Amazon, Salesforce and Google

I realize this is an old topic, but with salesforce announcing over the summer that they are using Amazon Cloud services (AWS) to broaden their infrastructure and quickly expands the EVER expanding salesforce footprint.  Essentially, sort of saying that the whole “computer processing should be like getting electricity” wasn’t all fluff.  Amazon is rapidly heading towards that goal.

To that end, Salesforce is rapidly growing their AWS footprint – on Oracle (still) I imagine, but I have to wonder that with the advent of Aurora, the Amazon SQL product, or Postgres if Salesforce isn’t thinking of taking it further  This article even gives the project a name (Project Sayonara!!!)

If this article is right, and Salesforce is thinking of moving away from Oracle, and SAP working hard to wean users off of Oracle, then what?  Oracle becomes a less useful Microsoft without a cool gaming platform!!!

Not that I’m crying any tears for Oracle.  For 2 decades, they’ve held big clients and companies hostage, charged WAY too much money for the tool, ran users around in circles about database structure, architecture, and the rest of it, so if they do get a butt kicking, it will be richly deserved.


I guess we’re in the front seat for a sea change in technology – I’m certainly interested in the 2nd half.  Maybe they’ll put Romo in…


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