Artificial Intelligence and the “Year of Einstein”

I’m not a fan of “the street”, but I did see this article in a crawl somewhere, and shamelessly took the click bait.

What I read in the article was interesting though.  When Salesforce bought Einstein – or the engine that became Einstein last year for 4600M, I saw the potential, but didn’t see the immediate applicability.  Then, in short order, Salesforce introduced the Newsfeed in Lightning, the Journey Insights for Pardot and the DemandWare introduction for suggested shopping and website display.

And, so – in this year of Einstein, it looks like the ball is being moved forward, and not on a running play, but on a big seam pass down the weak side… This year, 3 new functions will be added Opportunity Insights  – which ostensibly help users make predictions about which deals  are likely to be won, and notifications for when key moments change the Opportunity success rate, Account Insights (which seems to be a more robust version of last year’s newsflash) and Activity Insights –  which helps organize and prioritize Chatter comments in groups and on individual records – especially useful for communities.

And on the horizon, is a new tool called Einstein Visions.  Visions will allow customers to perform brand detection in the all important social space, analyzing images in online communities to help clients understand how customers are discussing their products. They can also use Vision to “train” the system to find leads (in the example in this article, they “train” Vision to hunt down buildings with slanted roofs for a Solar Company).

What a cool time to be in the Tech business…  read here.

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