Auto-Adding Product Options in a CPQ Deployment

Salesforce CPQ is great but has one ongoing issue: updating existing products when a new product option is introduced.  No one wants to manually input products for dozens, if not thousands, of items!

Here’s how The Black Iron Group can solve this problem for your company and ensure that your sales teams can immediately start offering these new optional features (premium support packages) to your customers without delay.

Here’s a basic strategy we use at BIG:

  1. Add a custom field to products to determine if a new product is a product option.
  2. Choose whether it is required or optional.
  3. Identify the products. (If the configuration only works with a subset of SKUs. In our case, it was quotable products vs. inventory products.)
  4. Build a flow to trigger the update when adding a new product option.
  5. Test and deploy!

Don’t delay! Contact the team at BIG to help you optimize your company today! 

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