Benioff becomes much more political in the age of Trump…

I read with interest last  week, and article on CNBC that mentioned that Marc Benioff used a meeting at the White House to discuss the importance of bringing women into the workforce and paying them the same as men.

As it turns out, I had seen his image on Television as he walked into the press conference that President Trump held with Angela Merkel.  As I saw him flash by the screen, I immediately went to “the Google machine” to find out why he was there.  Apparently, he had been there to meet with German and American CEO’s at a business roundtable.

He spoke about women’s pay and hiring women in STEM positions, but of course, the sentence that got me (as narcissistic as I am) was that he hopes that the Salesforce platform will create 2 MILLION jobs in the next decade through people who use the platform and people who support the platform (shameless plug, BlackIron is one of those “people”!!!)

I think I’m as sick of the current political environment as everyone else, but I will say, I’m proud that Benioff took the opportunity to advance a cause dear to him (Women’s pay) and dear to us as partners (the salesforce ecosystem).

The end of the article talks about a moon shot goal of 5 million jobs – including internships – across the salesforce platform.  I’d be very interested in hiring at least a couple of those interns (if you read this blog, reach out to me at

Anyway, full article here…




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