BlackIron can help Discrete Manufacturers revolutionize their business using Salesforce

BlackIron can help Discrete Manufacturers revolutionize their business using Salesforce

So, I now understand why writing content is a full time job for people! I’ve been gone for 2 weeks at this point, doing my real job, but I wanted to continue on the Manufacturing thread – this time focusing on Discrete Manufacturers.

First, a quick definition – Discrete Manufacturers are similar to Repetitive Manufacturers in that they sell multiple products, in high volumes, and typically do not deal with the end consumer.

But the differences are important here. Most of the time, Discrete Manufacturers are building customized solutions for customers – things like customized labels, customized OEM parts for vehicles or machines, or focused packaging solutions.

Quotes and Samples are a way of life for Discrete Manufacturers

For Discrete Manufacturers, quoting is a big deal. And price breaks for volume are almost always part of the solution. Customers may be able to by 500 pieces for $XX, but 1,000 for $YY, a significant savings. Typically the quote contains ALL of these price breaks, incentivizing the customer to “Buy Up” in order to save costs.

And Samples of the product are likely part of the process – meaning that the Manufacturer typically provides a Proof or Sample of the end product to make sure the end result will meet expectations.

This means that the Sales Cycle can be lengthy – with multiple iterations of quotes and several sample cycles often the norm. Tracking all of the ins and outs of these Opportunities are critical to successful Sales Cycles.

Like other Manufacturers, Integration is Key

Getting data from ERP is also a critical step. Building quotes, working through samples and working a lengthy sales cycle takes time, and costs money. It is critical to understand what the Sales RESULTS are from this effort, since orders typically come through a call center. Understanding the Sales and especially Sales Trends tell Discrete Manufacturers who (and who) is working and what’s not…

Salesforce is purpose built for Discrete Manufacturing Business – and BlackIron can help Harness that power

And we have a Video to help make that case! Check this out – and let us know what you think.

But we would love to hear from you – if you like this video, if it’s too long, too short, to detailed, too high level. We’ve done a ton of these videos – so check those out here. Our goal is to give you an idea of what Salesforce can do for you. Even if you’re marginally using salesforce, we want to show you the art of the possible.

Let us know how we can help.  We’d love to hear from you 

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