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Track, Manage and Increase your Success Rate using Salesforce

Over the last 6 months, we’ve walked through a few different types of manufacturing – Repetitive manufacturing, Discreet manufacturing, and even Job Shops. Today, I want to write about how salesforce (with some customization) can work for Process Manufacturers.

For Process Manufacturers, of course ERP data is key, but BEFORE you have a sale, most of the time you have to have a sample. As we’ve said many times, salesforce is a remarkably flexible tool, and by taking advantage of this flexibility, we can help Process Manufacturers track the entire sales cycle, from initial interest, through the all important Sample function, and finally onto quoting (potentially using Salesforce SPQ).

Tracking your ENTIRE Sales Cycle

Since most Process Manufacturers are making “ingredients” or raw materials for use in other finished products, it is vital that prospective customers know that the materials will work with the end product. As a result, Samples are key.

But Samples are expensive! Tracking who gets them, and what happens to the Deals they are related to is important. Using the Salesforce tool, BlackIron can help you to build out a custom Sample Process, unique to your needs, and flexible for your reps.

Quoting can be Complex for Process Manufacturers too

And understanding things like Price Breaks, substitutions, Unit of Measure and other complexities make the quoting process equally as complicated. And, manufacturers who can turn RFQ’s around quickly, will have a much better chance of winning that business. From the moment a customer requests a quote, the clock starts ticking. Studies show that 50% of orders won are quoted WITHIN 24 HOURS of receipt of the RFQ. But if you’re still quoting with Excel? Or waiting for an experienced estimator to get involved, you’re starting from the back of the pack.

Check out this Video showing the entire process for “Process” manufacturers!

This Video details out how we can help – and offers just a snippet of the power we can bring to the table – helping you qualify leads, track samples, quote faster and build in follow up. But there’s so much more here!  In roughly 10 minutes, we go through base Salesforce, MAPS (my current favorite) CPQ, and some custom work around Samples.  BlackIron and Saleforce can help your company to refine your business and make your Sales & Service teams more efficient and profitable.  Don’t believe us? Check out this testimonial from our customer.

Let us know how we can help.  We’d love to hear from you 

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