BlackIron can Help you Refine your User Experience with Dynamic Actions

Ready for summer?  Salesforce’s Summer ’24 Release brings a host of new features and improvements across various Salesforce products. In a series, here are a couple of enhancements worth talking about.

  • Dynamic Actions for Mobile: Dynamic actions can now be configured for mobile, allowing users to create a more tailored mobile experience.  It can enhance the mobile user experience by providing contextually relevant actions and improving the efficiency of mobile workflows.  Benefits of Dynamic Actions for Mobile include:
  • Personalization: Provides mobile users with a tailored set of actions based on their role or the context of the record they are viewing.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines mobile workflows by making relevant actions easily accessible, reducing the number of taps required to perform tasks.
  • Flexibility: Allows administrators to quickly update and adjust actions for mobile users without requiring extensive development work.
  • Enhanced Usability: Improves the mobile user experience by reducing clutter and focusing on relevant actions, making it easier for users to complete their tasks.

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