BlackIron can help your Med Device business schedule, track and analyze Referrals

BlackIron Group is known in the salesforce Ecosystem as a go to partner for manufacturers.  In fact, we’ve done over 1,000 manufacturing projects in our 20 years as a salesforce partner.  We are not as well known for working with Healthcare companies, but, when you think about it, Med Device companies are in essence  – a manufacturer.  And we’ve done lots of work with Med Device companies – some of which you know by name – Smith & Nephew or Biodex, and some that are less familiar like Koru or T2. 

And like most manufacturers, Med Device companies need sophisticated forecasting, ERP or EHR integration (to see actual sales), quoting, and reporting and analysis.  But one thing that you don’t see in most manufacturers, but do see for Med Device companies is a need to schedule, track, assign and analyze physician office visits by sales reps.  This is called Physician Referral Management – and it is purpose built for CRM and salesforce.

In this post, I’m referring specifically to Device Referrals – In the context of medical device companies, referral management involves referrals from physicians to use specific medical devices or technologies.  Managing and tracking this work has many benefits:

Monitoring key metrics such as referral volume, conversion rates,  and patient outcomes helps companies to chart success – matching visits to sales and patient satisfaction

Analyzing referral data to identify trends, improves overall efficiency and can help Med Device companies change or adapt to new conditions in the field.

Referrals – especially follow up visits can help to Ensure seamless continuity of care for patients throughout process.

And frequent – convenient points of contact allow Med Device manufacturers to Improve satisfaction among referring physicians and specialists by being “boots on the ground” – following up with providers and refining the overall process.

Not exactly ERP integration or quoting, BUT, we have helped several companies manage this process, both the appointment scheduling (with tools like Maps or Digital Engagement) and the analysis with Integration, Reporting and Dashboards and custom development.

Check out this video as a primer for the process. And reach out to us at or reach out to me directly on slack ( .

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