BlackIron can help your Trucking Dealership change the game with CRM

Why has the Trucking Dealership sector been so slow to embrace CRM? I think part of it revolves around the lack of interest from the Sales Team, the belief that cultivating customer relationships is way more art the science, if we’re being honest, a serial resistance the change. But Trucking dealerships can gain significant competitive advantage by switching to data driven decision making and marketing to help maximize their sales budget, stay ahead of the competition, find every potential client in their territory, and build lifetime customer loyalty.

Integrating your Karmak Data to Salesforce can be a Game Changer

The primary focus of a CRM solution is customer centered data. Much of this data (sales data, vehicle data, parts data, etc.) is found and stored in your DMS. Getting THAT data into CRM is key, and BlackIron has experience in getting that data out of Karmak Fusion, and into your salesforce CRM solution. We can help you too.

Know your customer- and your customer data

Salesforce is purpose built for Trucking Dealerships – and BlackIron can help Harness that power. And we have a Video & Brochure to help make that case! Check this out – and let us know what you think.

We would love to hear from you – if you like this video, if it’s too long, too short, to detailed, too high level. Our goal is to give you an idea of what Salesforce can do for you, but we’d like to talk about it…

Let us know how we can help. We’d love to hear from you

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