BlackIron has found a Cost Effective Alternative to Conga Composer!

We have been fan of and partners for Conga Composer for well over a decade but have recently run into some issues regarding license pricing and support.  A member of our team recently pointed us at a new Mail Merge tool, which I think you’ll like called Docs Made Easy.

Docs made easy supports all of the complex functions that Conga does – Query builder, image fields, row burner, attachments, custom parameters, button builder, email templates and on and on.  And it does it – and we’re not making this up FOR FREE.

Yeah – Docs Made Easy’s base pricing model is – free!  Essentially you have the ability to build out (or with BlackIron Group’s help – convert) Conga templates to Docs Made Easy templates with the free version!  If there are more sophisticated needs, like API, Excel support or Flows, Docs Made Easy has that covered as well with a $9.99 per month – per user Pro Version of the tool.

Support plans for the tool exist – and are well worth the price.  And BlackIron Group is here to help along the way, with recreating queries, to converting templates and building buttons and email templates, but the bottom line is, if:

  • You have walked away from Conga because of the license costs
  • You have walked away from Conga because of the lack of support options
  • You decided NOT to implement Conga for either (or any other) reason

You might want to give this a quick test drive – and BlackIron Group is here to help

Find out more!  Reply to this email or contact us here on our website.  This is a tool that we think can be a powerful addition to your salesforce platform.

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