BlackIron Manages Software Company’s Successful Migration to Salesforce Service Cloud

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PayDC is a leader in cloud-based Chiropractic software, offering fully-integrated software modules to the Chiropractic industry since 2007. A team of fellow chiropractors, billing & coding professionals, and insurance auditors, carefully developed each of their modules to ensure a user-friendly experience, reduced administrative time and improved compliance and profitability. Being cloud-based, all of their solutions are continuously and automatically updated and there are no servers or maintenance required (think Salesforce!).

Relationships with their customers are extremely important to PayDC, which is why efficient internal systems and processes are a must. BlackIron recently worked with PayDC to manage the deployment of the Service Cloud.  One of PayDC’s primary goals of the project was to provide a streamlined customer service process in an effort to continue to strengthen customer relationships.


  • PayDC was utilizing ServiceNow as their service desk ticketing system, which was being managed by a third-party vendor. They did not have as much control over their support process as desired.
  • No mechanism for automating emails or web forms that were being submitted by customers from their website, or integrating their downstream development systems.


  • Blackiron implemented the Salesforce Service Cloud Console, which allows PayDC to have full control over their customer support process.
  • Blackiron was able to successfully mimic the process being used by their third party vendor, while also adding modifications that helped streamline their ticketing process. Two of these modifications included implementing email-to-case and web-to-case.


  • In the future, PayDC is hoping to further expand on their current functionality by implementing voicemail-to-case functionality. This will help cut down on the amount of time PayDC users spend on manually creating tickets from voicemails left by customers after hours.
  • PayDC would also like to integrate their downstream development system with Salesforce to help eliminate duplicate data entry between systems.

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