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How can BlackIron Group help you Win?
  • Industry Expertise – We have been in the Med Device and Referral Management space for over a decade. We “speak the language” and understand the unique issues.
  • Targeted Playbooks – We have built specific playbooks below for your specific TYPES of Prospects.
  • Discovery – We can help you find Opportunities, identify pain and offer solutions with you – right from the start.
  • Demonstrations – SE’s are a premium resource! We can help demonstrate the tool with you.
  • Grow Existing Accounts – Lots of your account base may be using Salesforce nominally. We can help to entice them to use more – more licenses, more clouds, etc. We are sure it will help both the client and you.
Targeted Focus on Specific Prospects

There are many types of HLS Prospects, but BlackIron does not try to be a good fit for all of them. Instead we have focused specifically on Med Device manufacturers and clients who are looking to do Referral Management. We have broken it down below:

Practice/Physician Referral ManagementMedical Device Manufacturers
Practice/Physician Referral Management – A referral management system can be a powerful tool for your prospects to keep track of their patient referrals throughout the care continuum. Our main goal with Referral Management is to improve visibility to referral sources, highlight issues with referrals (or lack of) and help prospects to analyze the relationship between activities such as visits and educational functions and referrals.

  Prospects in this segment may perform diagnostic tests for patients, offer specialty services such as weight loss, or physical therapy, or sell specialty surgical kits such as joint replacement or specialty instrumentation
Medical Device Manufacturers – Some Medical Device Manufacturers rely on referral management as well, but in many cases, particularly Class III manufacturers, the complexity and sheer size of the device means that significant work goes into creating, customizing and installing the equipment. These manufacturers are considered “Job Shop” manufactures, in that they build most equipment on a Made to Order (MTO) or Made to Stock (MTS) basis.

Prospects in this segment make items like imaging machines, ventilators, or hardware like monitoring systems, or Physical Therapy machines.
Click this link to find a detailed playbook for Physician Referral Management
Click this link to find a detailed playbook for Medical Device Manufacturers
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