Salesforce Summer 24 Dynamic Forms for Opps and Leads

Ready for summer?  Salesforce’s Summer ’24 Release brings a host of new features and improvements across various Salesforce products. In a series, here are a couple of enhancements worth talking about. Dynamic Forms for Leads and Opportunities: Enhanced dynamic forms

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Why Your Business Needs a Salesforce Partner

Salesforce’s claim to fame is ease of use and ease of customization, but in our opinion, a lot of that is way overstated.  salesforce has progressively  become more complex over the years – with permission sets, flows, lightning etc., it

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Auto-Adding Product Options in a CPQ Deployment

Salesforce CPQ is great but has one ongoing issue: updating existing products when a new product option is introduced.  No one wants to manually input products for dozens, if not thousands, of items! Here’s how The Black Iron Group can

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