Clash of the Titans

I don’t know if you ever saw that old movie (or the remake a couple of years ago), but I was reminded of it again when I saw this article about SFDC and the other guys (SAP, Oracle, MSFT).  The Benioff, Ellison, McDermott feud is so strange to me – 3 guys with everything still fighting, but I thought this did help us to understand the buyout rumors earlier this summer…

SAP (McDermott) here says he has ZERO interest in SFDC, and Ellison (ORacle) basically says he expects to outpace in cloud sales (good luck pal) in 2015.  Meanwhile, Salesforce is spending heavily in Germany (SAP’s backyard) and talking about becoming the #3 Software company in the world.  Pretty cool.

Sounds more and more like a Titan fight – I would just hate to be the one that has to be Medusa



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