Cloud Revolution a Failure?

OK, I’m all SF all the time – and pretty much a Cloud guy, so when I see stuff like this it makes me crazy.  But if this is true, then it’s pretty exciting.  If the Cloud revolution has really just begun and most companies ‘aren’t trying” yet to get stuff into the cloud imagine what that means for the SFDC community!


BTW, the article is saying that the IT are the ones that aren’t interested.  Users ,however, are VERY interested.  My wife used to work for a company that shall remain nameless, but they FINALLY did a SFDC deployment last year.

It’s safe to say that they understood the value prop of SFDC – after all, my wife was drinking the Kool-Aid at home for 6 years, but the IT team just was not interested in it at all.  I’ve done a small amount of head scratching over that (not a ton – I really do have other stuff to worry about!) but I think it boils down ot Job security.  If your job is to guard and manage a server room, no matter how outdated and inefficient, you will do your best to preserve that status quo – even if it goes against the best interests of the business.  I’m not suggesting all IT is like that, but I thin that when the heel digging reached sort of weird heights, it’s really coming down to job security.


Of course, if they would just leap, I think a really cool net would appear – and whether it’s SFDC, or Amazon, or  whoever, they get way more out of the deployment than sticking with upgrading security pateches on a Windows  7 server…


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