CPA Firm chooses BlackIron for Sales Cloud Refinement & Data Automation Project




Jameson & Company is an industry leader in government grant and contract accounting and administration. Government grants and contracts are subject to a complex set of rules. Jameson & Company is a nationally recognized group of CPA’s and professionals dedicated to this highly specialized area of accounting. They work with their clients to ensure that their accounting systems are compliant with the government regulations, represent them during audits, and consult for their clients in numerous other ways.


  • Multiple Data Sources – USA Spending (CSV download from government website), Excel, Outlook, Tinderbox
    • Data from USA spending would take hours to download and filter each month (100’s of thousands of records to be filtered)
  • No Opportunity/Pipeline Management System – Opportunities were managed in an excel spreadsheet
  • No Contact Management System – Outlook was being used to store Contacts
  • No Activity Management System


  • Jameson & Company Purchased in 2010 & contracted with Black Iron in 2014
  • BlackIron Group assisted Jameson & Company in refining the Sales Cloud objects
  • An integration solution was developed wherein the USA Spending file is downloaded by Jameson & dropped as a CSV file into a folder on their server. Jameson clicks a button to run the integration job, which automatically filters the file and pushes the filtered data into Salesforce.
  • Contact Data was migrated from the various sources, yielding one centralized Database for Contact Information
  • is being used to keep the Account & Contact data up to date
  • An Opportunity Process was defined and configured, Opportunities are now being tracked (and linked with Tinderbox proposals), and Forecasting is being managed in Salesforce
  • Activities are now being managed and tracked in Salesforce
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards have been built to analyze all of the above


  • Jameson & Company’s marketing manager has begun using Salesforce Campaigns to track direct mailings and other marketing efforts to specific groups
  • They are also diving deeper into reporting and analytics now that all of their data and processes have been centralized
  • They continue to make customizations to the Salesforce application as needed in support of their processes

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