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I wanted to share this quote for a long time GREAT Customer – Jameson and Company. We’ve worked with them for over 8 years at this point, and those 8 years have seen explosive growth for Jameson. Worth a read!


About 10 years ago, Jameson & Company was a niche 

9 person business providing outsourced accounting services to newer small government contractors and grantees.  About that time, we discovered that the Obama adm

inistration, which advocated for transparency in government spending, started publish

ing a list of new government funding awards at  We were excited!

Unfortunately, we also discovered that our initial Excel spreadsheets had more than 300,000 rows of awards data every month with > 300 columns of data for each row.  The database was a bear to navigate and moving that volume of data around was very cumbersome and slow.






We knew we needed to filter this information so we could target what was ultimately ~3,000 top prospects.  We knew that several people in our organization would be working in this data simultaneously and wanted to track what we did that worked and what we did that didn’t work. 

We attempted to use Hubspot and MailChimp, but quickly realized that they didn’t have enough capabilities for how we wanted to target market and track prospects.  So, we transitioned to Salesforce and were fortunate to be introduced to the Black Iron Group.  Little did we know, BIG had a team of people with specialized skills who could help us. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with BIG to:

  • Build API interfaces that automatically suck the data out of the government databases, filter the data, and dump top prospect info into SF,
  • Implemented SF Pardot (now “Account Engagement”) so we could educate (via email marketing) 11 different buyer personas.
  • Create dozens of reports that help us understand the data, and understand how our prospects are interacting with our marketing efforts, and
  • And every 3-4 years when the government “upgrades” the database and things stop working, our first call is to BIG

About a month ago, we had to renew our professional liability insurance policy and the agent asked “how does your revenue keep jumping so much”?  I responded that we were doing a better job marketing, but the real answer is the work we’ve done with BIG over the years.  Specifically, this year’s massive jump was because we asked BIG if we could put the prospect’s government funding award ID on the subject line of our emails instead of the traditional “call me” or “this is how we can help” email subject line.  Our email open rate has gone up 140%! 

10 years of later, our revenue and employee count have tripled.

Ed Jameson, CPA

Managing Partner

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