Discrete Manufacturer Playbook

Cleveland Tank is an example of a Discrete Manufacturer. They have over 20 years experience in the fuel tank industry. They are experts in the design of safe certified tanks. They sell through multiple channels:

OEM – They design, engineer and produce custom fuel tanks  and fuel tank systems for construction, military & emergency vehicles, oil fields, agricultural and other markets. These are larger, longer  Sales Cyles involving multiple departments in an organization ( Sales/design/engineering and production) This is a Perfect use Case for Opportunity Management & Quoting (Base or CPQ)

After Market / Stocked Inventory – They manufacture standard non-custom spare or replacement tanks – Short transactional  Sales Cycle – Customer calls to check price and availability – sale is made – or not. – Typically handled in ERP – data not easily available to  Sales.   Perfect use case for integration ERP to Salesforce.

We think these are the main areas of business where Manufacturers struggle and where Salesforce can be of greatest immediate value.

In the pages below we cover typical issues and ”How We Can Help” – the Questions you need to ask – and the Answers you need to figure out the best mix of products.

Useful Tools for the Discrete Manufacturing Sales Cycle

Quick Demo Video for Discrete Manufacturers

This link will take you to our YouTube Channel – and a link to a quick Video Demonstration of Salesforce for Discrete Manufacturers. We included SF Maps, and Sales Cloud only, although we can send a separate video for CPQ if that makes more sense.

Slides for use in Initial Scoping Sessions

This link will take you to a set of Slides that you can use in your discovery sessions. In it, you will find a page of Discrete Manufacturing logos, a chart that illustrates pain on the customer side and a series of Scoping questions, and potential risks with these kinds of Prospects.

PDF of the Discrete Manufacturing Playbook

Finally, this link will take you to a PDF of the Discrete Manufacturing Playbook you can use as a Desk Reference.

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