Dive Deeper into Salesforce with Interactive Training

I think we can all agree that the countless features of Salesforce are pretty awesome. That said, after initial training and launch of the system, as a system administrator it can be overwhelming to retain everything covered in training, keep up with new releases, and simply navigate through the numerous setup menus to keep things moving forward.  Now there is a new interactive training tool, Trailhead, that can help you do all of these things.

The Trailhead application, developed by Salesforce themselves, is an innovative training application in which the user chooses a “trail”. Each trail has different modules, and each module has specific challenges. After Trailhead gives you the background knowledge you need, you are immediately challenged to use that knowledge by diving into a development org and proving that you understand it.  There are also questionairres that validate your understanding of the module.  To make it fun, as you complete these modules and challenges, you earn points and badges. Fun and engaging, as opposed to watching a boring YouTube video?  We’ll take it!

Trailhead is continuously updated with new content so everything in the active training modules relates to the most current releases.

We think now would be a good time to go down the Lightning Trail!

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