ERP Integration with Salesforce is easier than you think.

Your ERP system is doing a lot of people in your firm a lot of good.  Finance uses it to track inventory and analyze costs, the Warehouse team uses it to get your products out the door, and your procurement group uses it to forecast need and buy raw materials or finished goods, “just in time”.

But your sales team is probably not getting that kind of use out of it.  It is likely very difficult to navigate, and is probably not mobile.  The reporting engine is probably not very good, and not very flexible.  After all, ERP  is really built around Products & inventory, not customers.

But you have Salesforce!  And with Salesforce’s API, we can likely integrate that Sales Data into Salesforce.  Building a fairly simple and quick integration quickly gives your sales team access to that sales data – in the palm of their hands.  The reporting engine in Salesforce is second to none, and any data IN Salesforce is Reportable (and Dashboardable)

Think of the kinds of things you could do with that data?  You could analyze Sales at the Product or Category level – by Year, this year over Last year, by State, or Account Rep or…

And your sales reps could do account reviews ON THEIR PHONE in front of customers – or review the sales data from the parking lot before the walk in – prepping them BEFORE theyre face to face. 

 We’d really like to schedule time to speak with you about this – in our opinion, this is low hanging fruit.  Let me know if you agree – we stand ready to assist…

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