Go Mobile with Salesforce

Nowadays, many of us spend more time on the road and working remotely than at the office, making mobile access to our CRM data a necessity. Thankfully, implementing the Salesforce 1 mobile app has never been easier. The app is now customizable making it easier for users to access, edit, and enter data while on the go, as well as manage their calendar and activities.

Despite the app’s many benefits we find that many clients do not take advantage of it, so we thought we’d highlight it in our blog.  Since mobile access is now included with Salesforce license costs (originally customers had to pay for full mobile licenses) and the feature is built directly into the Salesforce platform, implementing it involves only a few clicks and the Salesforce1 download from your carrier’s app store.  Furthermore, clients now have he ability to customize the app by creating custom Chatter Actions and new Lightning Components (custom page layouts). We really like the “Today” feature, which syncs with multiple calendars and provides you with a snapshot of all of your upcoming events/tasks for that day (this is a default feature and involves no customization).

If you haven’t implemented Salesforce1, we recommend rolling it out to a select group of users to allow for feedback and updates before deploying to the entire team. Also, as a best practice, keep fields to a minimum and try to select the most important fields for the mobile layouts. Users can fill in the additional details when they are back in the office; capturing the key data components are most important while on the road.

This tutorial will provide you with all you need to know about customizing the Salesforce1 app once you’ve gotten the basic install completed.

What are you waiting for?? It’s time to go mobile!

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