Heroku Elements (and Buttons)

So – at least from our perspective, the Heroku thing has been slow to take off. We’ve done a little work on the platform, but for the most part, the data sets we work with (and the customers who own or use them) are small and rigid enough to fit into a tradfitioanl SF database. That said, we always thought there were possibilitis for the Heroku platform, if we could find an easy way to jumpstart the process. I think it might be here.

Heroku has interoduced 2 new marketplaces(?) called Elements and buttons – which are pre-built componenents that can be plugged into a Heroku app (buttons is a similar marketplace). Just a quick browse brings up a couple of interesting modules including a component to create HTTP Posts from ordinary emails (free) or a tool to create or managew pdf files from within Heroku. Buttons has a similar feel.

It’s worth checking out anyway:

Heroku Elements

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