How cool is Salesforce Process Builder?

So most of my posts this year have been about Manufacturing in one form or another, but today, I wanted to write a quick post (along with a quick video) that gives “props” and demonstrates the power of Salesforce’s Process Builder.

Workflow – Redefined

To be clear, I always liked the basic workflow engine, and our team at BIG got pretty good at it – in fact, one of our PM’s used it to automate and entire racetrack (seriously!) but you could definitely see the problems with it, – no ability to create records, no way to get to related records (easily), no way to control the order that the workflows fired, and on and on…

Enter Process Builder

So when Process Builder was introduced (going on 5 years ago now) it was a MAJOR step up. We used it ourselves to auto- create project records, assign them to the PM, create Milestones for the project (from Opp Line Items) alert Finance, etc.

And we quickly used the Process Builder Engine to re-define and improve many “workflows” we had built over the years for customers, and to push their implementations forward.

What are the basic Improvements (in a nutshell)?

•Process Builder includes more flexible actions compared with the corresponding workflow actions. The Create a Record process action, for example, lets you create any record

•The Update Records process action lets you update any related record, while the field update workflow action lets you update only the record or its parent.

•Process Builder also includes new actions that aren’t available in Workflow—such as Post to Chatter and Submit for Approval.

•Process Builder lets you control the order of your criteria. In Workflow, there’s no way for you to determine which order your workflow rules run in.

We did a video that shows you what it can do

And we’d be happy to get on a call to help you understand what Process Builder can do for your business. Check it out!

Let us know how we can help.  We’d love to hear from you 

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