In case you missed it…

We recorded the EXCELLENT Conga Demo with Jon Cocco of Feedall

And many thanks to Jon for doing that. It is a GREAT demonstration of the power of Quoting in Salesforce, and combining that functionality with the elegance of Conga Composer.

For all of you who could make it, thanks ! We appreciate the interest and hope you found it helpful. For those who couldn’t make it (but wanted to see it) We’ve recorded the webinar, and are posting it here!

What we covered

Our last webinar focused on salesforce’s Configure, Price and Quote tool, Salesforce CPQ. It is a great tool – sophisticated and flexible – but for many clients, it is simply too complex to implement., This time, we wanted to offer a simpler, approach, that still allows customers to created complex dynamic quoting documents, within standard Salesforce Sales Cloud. One of our clients – Feedall – provided terrific insight into their quoting process, and how Conga Composer helped to build a professional looking document in minutes.

We’ve provided:

  • an overview of base Sales Cloud quoting ( (at 4:50),
  • Jon Cocco, CEO from Feedall, discusses his project with BlackIron implementing Conga Composer (at 7:25)
  • Jon demonstrates the Feedall Quote generation process (at 22:29)
  • We answer questions (at 32:18)
We hope you found it informative and interesting

And look forward to feedback about the event. You can click here to reach us, or go to the bottom of this page to comment on the Video. We look forward to hearing from you and…

We’ve already got another one in the works!

Next month, in June, we intend to do another Webinar, this time covering Salesforce’s remarkable Mapping tool, Salesforce Maps We’ll give an overview of the tool, and have a client on to talk about the process, the tool and the results.

We hope to have you attend!

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