Informatica Buyout

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile – summer and all, but I’m getting back to it and will be posting a few things today and next week…

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued.   2 things jumped out at me – why take Informatica private?  What was going wrong in the first place?  Usually when Private Equity gets involved, it’s a sign of ongoing struggles at the company (Read Linen’s & Things) but in this case, it seems (and I don’t know – just reading) – that the issue here is that Informatica wants to move further into cloud technologies and Big Data – far from the eyes of Wall Street – so I guess we should all be prepared for big things from Informatica in the coming months…

2nd thing that puzzled me though was why SFDC and Microsoft?  And, I think the answer there has little to do with each other.  Bot companies were already “invested” in Informatica from a partner perspective.  Both companies would benefit from a stronger Informatica, so I think instead of being paranoid this time, I’m going to go with “this was a smart decision”.

Anyway, take a look at the article and do some research on your own – let me know what you think…

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