Job Shop Manufacturers should use BlackIron to help drive your business forward with CRM

Continuing our series for Manufacturers, I wanted to get a video out that highlights some of the Sales Related issues surrounding Job Shops – and how we can help.

Job Shop manufacturing facilities can be difficult to manage, even on good days. And managing RFQ’s, estimating jobs, building quotes, and following up on them are among the least disciplined and most important jobs in your shop.  That’s where Salesforce & BlackIron Group can come in.

You Can’t Make it if it’s Not Selling

Most Job Shops didn’t get into business so they could be Sales People. But it can’t be made, if you don’t sell it first! Customers can be very loyal to Job shops, since the products are so specialized, , but price is always a consideration.  After all, they have Google too! Keeping your pipeline filled, both with new products from existing customers and quality prospects for future products is critical to long-term success.  We can help.

Enter Salesforce CPQ and BlackIron Group

Quoting is key to success on both fronts – Those who can turn RFQ’s around quickly, before the competition, have a much better chance of winning that order. If you want to increase sales, you need to quote faster, AND FOLLOW UP, because a sense of urgency is key.  From the moment a customer requests a quote, the clock starts ticking.  Studies show that 50% of orders won are quoted WITHIN 24 HOURS of receipt of the RFQ.  But if you’re still quoting with Excel?  Or waiting for an experienced estimator to get involved, how are you going to do that?  Enter Salesforce CPQ.

A Picture is worth a thousand  words

This Video details out how we can help – and offers just a snippet of the power we can bring to the table – helping you quote faster and build in follow up. But there’s so much more here!  In roughly 10 minutes, we go through base Salesforce, MAPS (my current favorite) CPQ, and even Field Service Lightning (which we’ll feature in a future demo video).  BlackIron and Saleforce can help your Job Shop to refine your business and make your Sales & Service teams more efficient and profitable.  Don’t believe us? Check out this testimonial from our customer.

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