Harnessing the Power of Karmak – in Salesforce

Combine your Karmak Data into Salesforce for a powerful combination of data driven analysis and powerful CRM Features – anytime – anywhere

Selling commercial trucks requires knowing as much as possible about each account. Customers expect nothing less. They’re highly connected, and you have to be too. We know that you implemented Karmak to transform your dealership, and to become a more data driven enterprise, and it has worked!

But Integrating that data into Salesforce can take you to the next level. We have built this brief Video Demonstration of salesforce use with Karmak Fusion data. Check it out!

In addition, we built out this brochure, detailing our partnership with Karmak and the benefits an integration to the Fusion tool can provide. Using Karmak’s revolutionary Unity API, we can move your Vehicle, Inventory, Sales, Service and even Parts data to salesforce, and then, using the salesforce Reports and Dashboard engines, develop intuitive analysis that allow you and your team to make solid data driven decisions. Download here.

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