Lightning comes to PRM Community

So it looks like Lightning caught up with partners today.  I haven’t seen this new builder for PRM yet, it was just released, but I think that the combo of Community builder and now lightning as a part of the community is going to speed acceptance and use of the community tools.  From our sort of insular view of the whole Salesforce ecosystem, it seems that Communities are becoming a bigger and bigger part of t he salesforce solution every day, and I think this announcement just speeds that along.


It will be interesting to see if this is a true builder – allowing us to expose custom objects and custom processes natively (skipping the Opp home page for instance, and going to something more useful) and it will also be interesting to see ifd this lightning is more transactional (add multiple line items anyone?) than the base lightning experience in 4 walls salesforce, but for sure, this tells me 2 things:

Despite all of the acquisitions (and noise around them) – base salesforce automation is not going away – and is being invested in – heavily – by the number one CRM in the world

The lightning interface, which some say have cost salesforce up to $50M! is here to stay.

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