Make it look Easy – by out working everyone.

I am usually not a big motivational guy – my feeling is that mortgages, college, food – shelter – those kind of things are usually motivation enough, but every once in awhile I come across something I think is really cool.

I think Will Smith is cool – I loved the Men in Black series, thought Independence day was cool, Bad Boys, you name it, and so I guess actors go, I’m a fan, but I also always though that he was a guy who basically wanted it more.  Lots of talented actors out there I’m guessing – but he did so much more with what he had, vs the usual sort of leading men.

So, I saw this video hanging off of the trailer for After Earth (terrible movie BTW, Sorry Will)  – but I thought it was really cool – at one point in the conversation with ABC for some move, he says “Hard Work bests talent when Talent doesn’t put in the hard work.” – and I thought that was SUCH a cool line.  Most of us are probably Div II players talent wise, but Hard Work tends to make up the difference.

Anyway, check it out…

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