Success in Manufacturing for 16 years

How can BlackIron Group help you Win?
  • Industry Expertise – we have been in the Manufacturing/Distribution space for over 20 years, and we “speak the language” and understand the unique issues.
  • Targeted Playbooks – we have built specific playbooks below for specific TYPES of Manufacturers.
  • Discovery – we can help you find Opportunities, identify pain and offer solutions with you – right from the start.
  • Demonstrations – SE’s are a premium resource! We can help demonstrate the tool with you.
  • Grow Existing Accounts – lots of your account base in manufacturing may be using Salesforce nominally. We can help to entice them to use more – more licenses, more clouds, etc. We are sure it will help both the client and you.

Breaking Manufacturers into 4 Types

There are many types of manufacturers, but for the purpose of a Sales Cycle – and for how we begin the scoping conversations, we are breaking them down into 4 distinct types:

Repetitive Manufacturing (CPG) ProspectsDiscrete Manufacturing ProspectsJob Shop Manufacturing ProspectsProcess Manufacturing Prospects
Repetitive Manufacturing (CPG) and Distribution – basically “Widget” manufacturers.  With its requirements for setup being minimal or having little changeover, the operation speeds can be increased or decreased to meet customer demands or requirements.  Customers order products from these Prospects periodically based on demand, and these prospects warehouse their own goods in anticipation of customer orders.  Product volume in this space is typically high and product is shipped in cases or even pallets.  Prospects in this segment make items like Consumer goods (Kitchen Utensils, etc.) or Food products.Discrete Manufacturing – Like repetitive  manufacturing, discrete manufacturing also utilizes an assembly or production line. However, this process is extremely diverse, with a variation of setups and changeover frequencies. Prospects in this space typically produce order lots based on individual production orders. Like Repetitive manufacturing, products produced as a result of Discrete manufacturing Prospects are high volume – in cases, or pallets, however, a customer typically places an order BEFORE the production of the item begins. Prospects in this segment make items like OEM Car parts (Brake Pads, etc.), High Tech (Circuit boards, etc.) or custom packaging for consumer brands.Job shop manufacturing – unlike repetitive or discrete manufacturing, produces made-to-order (MTO) or made-to-stock (MTS) items.  These items are HIGHLY CONFIGURABLE, with multiple product “Options” and are typically produced in small batches or singularly.  The production of their products are so highly customized that the production line is essentially reset each time a new product is produced.  Prospects in this segment make items such as heavy machinery, custom sized equipment (doors) or Equipment used in other manufacturing processes (Spoolers, wire, etc.).Process manufacturing (or continuous manufacturing) – This is similar to repetitive manufacturing as it also runs 24/7. The difference is that this manufacturing process produces raw materials such as gases, liquids, powders, or slurries. Prospects in this segment make items such raw materials for Plastics, chemicals or fabric. 
Click this link to a detailed playbook for Repetitive ManufacturersClick this link to a detailed playbook for Discrete ManufacturersClick this link for a detailed playbook for Job Shop manufacturersClick this link for a detailed playbook for Process manufacturers
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