Customer Support Needs
  • The typical Med Device Prospect will have a maintenance function that could represent a significant source of revenue for the company.  These maintenance needs can be handled in multiple ways – from in house service reps, to field service reps to contractors or partners.  If the prospect schedules, tracks and bills for these service calls, FSL is a good candidate for them.
  • In addition, many of these sophisticated pieces of equipment have software running on them. For these kinds of issues, Service Cloud is a good play – build out the Console, and building out Digital Engagement to allow customers to Text our reps and get service their way.
How can we Help?
  • We can help to build out FSL for the Prospect.  Usually for the size of prospects we are dealing with, we will be replacing a Spreadsheet, or a White board, so a simple approach can be a huge improvement on the existing function. 
  • BUT, we need to understand that while spreadsheets are a mess, and don’t give clients any meaningful data, they sure are easy to manipulate! 
  • We need to start at the beginning, drilling into the prospect that this will be an ENORMOUS change for the field techs and their dispatch users.
  • Framed properly, and getting buy in from the prospect early, we can transform their Field Service function using FSL. 
  • However if we sell it as an easy to install panacea, we will be in trouble almost immediately
Questions to Ask
  • Do you provide (or sell) Maintenance on your products?
  • How is that Maintenance Provided?
  • Do you have Field Service Reps who make Service calls on your product?
  • Is this a Profit Center for your firm?
  • Do your Field Service Reps carry Inventory to repair machinery?
  • How complex is your scheduling function? Do you match skills to need for service Appointments?
  • What is the volume of Work Orders to Field Tech?
  • What is the volume of Tickets to Inside Call Center Reps?
  • Do all of your Field Techs work directly for you or do you employ contractors (FSL Contractor licenses)
  • How do your customers interact with your Call Center or Dispatch Agents? Phone? Email? Chat? Text?
  • Could your Service team take advantage of texting to Chat as a channel into the team? Would this increase the amount of tickets that could be handled at one time?