Microsoft to buy SFDC? Seriously?

I usually don’t even open these things, likening them to the emails you get from your crazy Uncle saying that that “Doggone Obamacare is going to crash the Stock Market” (or whatever he heard on Rush Limbaugh that afternoon) but when I saw this, it kind of got my attention.


I don’t get a vote (well, as stockholder I guess I do get a vote but it’s a little one!) but if my vote were bigger I’d tell SFDC to RUN!  I just can’t imagine them being the same innovative smart running company if Microsoft took them over.  I know they’re on a bad run right now, but it wasn’t that many years ago when we all thought of them as the Darth Vader of software companies.    I know precious few people who have worked there, but everyone who I do know says it’s the single most political, cover your ass, do nothing but meet, soul destroying corporate wasteland they’ve been had the misfortune of witnessing (that’s almost a quote from my buddy Dave).  I think if salesforce were to merge with someone like that (or Oracle or IBM for that matter) then I’d need to find a new partner and quick.


Hey, everything changes, but PLEASE don’t let this be the change we’re not waiting for…

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