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so first, ugh…

Last year, ALL the talk was SAP, Microsoft or even Google were in the market and going to buy Salesforce.  I sweated that out for a few months, read the news obsessively, and of course, in the end nothing.

SO, I’m hoping that this is more of the same.  I think that Amazon straying into true software is a bit of a stretch, but this is the 2nd article I’ve seen on it so maybe there’s something there – who knows?

My feeling is that the 2 companies aren’t a natural fit, but there may be something to a pair of like-minded CEO’s wanting to take on the world.  I wonder though, if after the Microsoft reboot that ended – let’s say – poorly, maybe Salesforce has a more wait and see attitude this time – First IoT, then…


Anyway, take a look…

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