Oracle is at it again…

So according to this article, Oracle now has gained Netsuite Shareholder approval and is headed down the acquisition path…

Now, I get the Cloud ERP appeal (wish Salesforce would have looked at it to be honest) but by my count this is AT LEAST the 4th CRM app Oracle has bought and rolled into the world’s most convoluted tool, Oracle CRM.  Maximizer, RightNow, Siebel (remember???) and (now) Netsuite – and that doesn’t even count Eloqua and Big Machines.

I guess my question to the Oracle folks would be – wouldn’t your money be better spent just building a better product and then building the Sales Org necessary to sell it? Continuing to buy the 5th place contestant in a 2 way race just seems crazy to me.  But then again, I’m not a billionaire so who cares what I think!!!

Anyway, expect the Netsuite takeover to proceed – and – I’m guessing  – the integration between Salesforce and Netsuite to get even more difficult…

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